How to Deposit Money in Online Casinos

How to Deposit Money in Online Casinos

While most casinos offer welcome bonuses and free money just for signing up, they usually do require you to register an account and link your bank account so you can deposit money.

You can deposit money a few different ways at online casinos. From credit cards to bank transfers, most casinos accommodate a variety of different payment methods.

Many casinos do accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency. In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to select cryptocurrency as your payment option if it is indeed available as a viable payment method.

Be on the lookout for bonuses from the casino in which they will match the amount of money you deposit. In addition to deposit match bonuses, there are some other ways in which you can get some free spins or free bonus money from a casino, so you will want to be on the lookout for anyways in which you can stretch out your money!

Making an Initial Deposit

Playing at an online casino like the comet room means you have to deposit money in order to play. That said, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend your money before taking advantage of the bonuses offered by the casino.

Casinos usually offer welcome bonuses to you just for signing up and registering an account. When you sign up, you will likely need to link a bank account or credit card, but you can play your first game or two at a casino without using any of your own money.

Take advantage of these welcome bonuses as you could find yourself winning a jackpot before you spend money. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, the nice thing about welcome bonuses is they basically give you a free pass to try out as many casinos as you want until you find the perfect match to what you are looking for. Once you pick out your favorite online casino, you can then work your way up to VIP status and become eligible for more rewards.

Types of Payments Accepted

While you will need to check with the particular online casino you are playing at, most casinos accept the following types of payments:

  • Credit cards – any type of credit card, debit card, or prepaid card should be accepted at online casinos, just check ahead of time to make sure the brand you are using is on the list of what they accept
  • Bank transfer – don’t worry, online casinos are secure, and you should feel safe linking your bank account and routing number to the casino so you can easily transfer money back and forth
  • E-wallets – PayPal is accepted by most online casinos, so if you prefer to use a third party banking system go with PayPal, but PayPal does usually have a slight delay with accessing money, so this is not the top choice if you are in a hurry
  • Cryptocurrency – not always accepted by online casinos, but when it is you might find that you have lower fees than if you pay via other methods, and we will outline the benefits of using this type of payment

This list is not all-inclusive and you might find that your favorite online casino accepts more or less of these payments. Read the fine print before you sign up.


Let’s talk about cryptocurrency. While not all online casinos accept it, some actually offer rewards if you use cryptocurrency. If that’s the case, you’d be silly to pay with any other form of payment because of the benefits you reap from paying with something like Bitcoin.

Depending on your game of choice you might want to only pay by cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, as slot machines are especially adept at accepting cryptocurrency. Bitcoin only exists on the internet – it is not cold, hard cash. So, it would make sense that an entity that exists solely online, like a casino, would also accept this form of payment.

There are quite a few different perks to paying with cryptocurrency:

  • It’s safe – your bank account is not attached to it, so you never have to worry about being hacked, as you are anonymously sending money on the internet
  • It’s fast – there are no bank delays, you can access money instantly, much faster than something like PayPal or even a credit card
  • Anonymity – if you don’t want your name and contact info out there, paying with cryptocurrency is a great way to shield your identity, and you can safely play any casino game online that you want without anyone ever knowing your identity

It’s not to say that cryptocurrency is far and away better than other options. In fact, it can be risky as the value of Bitcoin fluctuates regularly. It is just, in fact, another payment method that you should consider when you are using an online casino.

Casino Deposit Matching Bonuses

Now that you know how to deposit money into an online casino, how do you make the most of the money in your casino account? There are a few ways you can stretch your money beyond just its dollar value.

Be on the lookout for deposit match bonuses, as this is essentially like a sale. Many online casinos offer these bonuses, and they essentially are doubling the value of your money. Who wouldn’t want to buy something at 50% off? Deposit match bonuses are the closest thing to a sale you will ever see at an online casino, so you should absolutely take advantage of this if it is offered to you.

In addition to welcome bonuses and match bonuses, you also want to keep an eye out for loyalty bonuses. After you get into a routine with an online casino and play a bunch of games, you might find that you are climbing up the ranks of VIP status. As you climb, the casino is likely to send you some bonuses in the form of free spins or free money just as a thank you for being such a good patron.

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