What Is A Random Number Generator (RNG)?

What Is A Random Number Generator (RNG)?

Casino games are mainly games of chance because there is no real strategy or formula for winning a lot of them. The slot is an example of a casino game that has a random number generator to keep gameplay fair and unbiased for all participants.

When you visit a casino online, you will deal with random number generators on virtual slot machines all the time. RNGs make slot games more fair as the numbers are selected without bias or a formula. When the reels are spun, they just show up on the slot reels screen as the virtual machine stops.

In scientific terms, a random number generator is more of an electronic algorithm that puts numbers up in various orders on the slot reels so that they are not the same every time. If you are lucky, you never know if one of the random number sequences generated will be a win for you. However, the numbers have to fall in a winning sequence, which can be a slim chance because of how random number generators are.

What Are the Number Equivalents of Symbols On a Slot Reel?

Depending on the number equivalent of a specific symbol in a slot game will determine the specific number that the symbol stands for. Sometimes there are symbols mixed with real numbers in a slot reel. Of course, we all know the infamous 777 big wins, which are super hard to come by.

But what about when three of the same symbols are landed on in a row? Sometimes you might get a small or big jackpot depending on the payout of the specific slot reel and if any bonus specials are running for the game itself at the time that you are playing.

Some slot games may have 10 to 20 special symbols that come up throughout the slot game that give you a certain number of points scored or a small payout win on the pay line. Of course, this depends on how the symbols on the slot reel fall, their number values, and how they interact with each other to show a bet win or a bet loss throughout the game.

Why RNGs Don’t Cause A Win Pattern For Slots

Sure, random number generators could show the same set of numbers on a slot reel from time to time whether they are winning or losing combinations. But the distinct reasoning behind random number generators being, for lack of a better term, at random, is to ensure everything is by chance so no players think there’s a formula behind winning slots.

In another sense, a random number generator is not that random because an algorithm is utilized to have different numbers pop up on the slot reels. Hence, while the algorithm predetermined the numbers that will be generated on the slot reel, to us humans, the phenomenon appears random because of how the numbers appear in different parts of the slots.


Just remember that there is no official formula for winning slots. All the numbers come up at random and any winning sequences are all by chance. Landing on winning numbers is almost like a happy accident because you never know when and how it will happen.

Have ever played online slots before? Let us know in the comments about your experience. What paylines came up that gave you a win? Or did you unfortunately never win a slots game? Weigh in throughout the comments to share your personal experiences so new slot players know what to look for when they are playing an online version.

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