How to Make Your PC Run Faster For Gamers

How to Make Your PC Run Faster For Gamers

Your PC may not be fully optimized for games because of various reasons. It can be malware issues or old drivers. This leads to a disheartening gaming experience. Compared to consoles, PC gaming has more benefits. They include the ability to install mods and high-quality graphics. But all these depend on your PC’s optimization. How can you optimize the functionality of your PC?

1. Keep your PC clean

This should be a priority. Clouds of dust and dirt hinder the performance of any device in one way or the other. In most cases, they reduce airflow in the computer; hence the laptop becomes too hot. Once the hotness builds, GPU, the processor, and all other components of the computer slow down. This affects the efficiency of the gaming machine. The best way to deal with such menace is to clean your computer regularly. Also, you should ensure there are no food, drink, and dust in your operational areas.

The cleaning doesn’t only involve the physical dirt, but what can’t be seen as well. You need to deal with junk files and folders on your PC to allow more space to perform. Tech experts from always recommend that you have the latest PC cleaning mechanisms. This includes a PC cleaner. The software helps deal with the unnecessary items that may be lagging the system, hence allowing smooth operation.

2. Update drivers

Most computer Windows, Linux, and macOS either have the same or similar hardware. And the hardware is based around the same architecture. It’s important to ensure that the drivers are up to date as this offers many benefits. Therefore, your drivers should be up to date, no matter the operating system. Luckily, the updating process is straightforward. 

3. Overclock your computer’s graphics

This can be riskier for beginners because overclocking can force out an additional performance of the graphic card. However, this should not bother you; tools such as Nvidia GPU and AMD will work for you. The primary problem is power. Overclocking consumes more energy. You are supposed to change your PC’s power setting.

4. Adjust the power settings

Without adequate power management operations, the majority of devices will slow down their services. Your computer’s windows provide you with detailed power management alternatives. For a better gaming experience, your computer should be connected to the power source. So, how do you adjust your PC’s power settings? Once you’re done with the connection, you should open Settings > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings then select a High-performance option. Also, click Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings to check if you’ve adjusted anything. 

5. Look at your network speed

Are you an online gamer? Your computer’s gaming performance is mostly determined by your drivers, hardware, and computer configuration. But when it comes to internet games, there’s one component you need to check on, your internet speed. The common problem with online gaming is lag. This can be a result of an internet connection and a slow connection between the router and computer.

6. Manage automatic update

Automatic updates can be taunting. For instance, windows updates can be downloading updates without reminding you. Uninstalled updates and reminders will impact the performance of the game. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to disable Windows Updates permanently, but the following options will help you.

  • Ensure your PC’s off
  • Install updates once they are prompted

Also from May 2019, you can block unnecessary updates for 35 days

7. Kill the unnecessary processes

One of the easiest ways of improving your computer’s performance is cleaning up all unnecessary startup programs and processes. Windows Task Manager will help you to find what’s taking the valuable RAM and CPU resources. Mostly irrelevant processes and applications have a small CPU footprint and memory. Therefore, they are easily recognizable.

8. Defrag the hard drive

This another potential aspect for your PC’s slowing down. If your PC is fragmented, that’s if it gets around 91-97%, it will automatically start to slow down. General clean up like temporary cleaning of internet files, window files, and programs that are no longer in use will free up space. 

9. Upgrade your hardware

If everything else fails to improve your PC, then you have no other suitable alternative apart from upgrading your hardware. Besides the motherboard and the CPU, most computer parts can be swapped and upgraded. This will lead to improved performance, which will enhance your gaming.


It can be annoying for any gamer if he experiences issues with computer loading and slowness. Minor adjustments will take some time to be effective. Double-check to see whether your PC has been attacked by a virus, spyware, or malware. After the check, you can go into in-depth details to know what may be the cause. Now that you’ve identified the primary reason you can address it using the above tips. Rule number one is that you should always know the problem before addressing it.

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