How to transfer data from iPhone to new Huawei P30 pro?

How to transfer data from iPhone to new Huawei P30 pro?

Huawei P30 pro is famous for the latest operating system, advanced camera, and powerful processor. You may want to replace your iPhone with this advanced device. Before switching from iPhone to Android, you have to transfer your relevant data from iPhone to Huawei. Data transfer can’t be an easy job for iOS users. It is not possible to transfer data directly from iPhone to new Huawei P30 pro. Feel free to use dr.fone – switch to transfer data within a few minutes. See these options to transfer data from iOS to Android.

Use a Data Transfer Program

If you don’t have a data backup, you will need a dr.fone data transfer program. Launch it on your computer by hitting a “Download” button. The primary page will show the main functions, such as restore from backups, iPhone to Android transfer and phone to phone transfer. To get started, you will select a phone to phone transfer.

Connect iPhone and Android Phones to PC

For data transfer from iOS to Android, you have to connect both phones to a PC via two USB cables. The data transfer programs like dr.fone can detect your smartphones and list them at two ends of the window separately. The Android will be shown on the right, and the iPhone will be at the left. You can hit the flip to change the location of devices.

With one click, you can transfer data from iPhone to Huawei. The data is transferable between two phones. Tick the desired items to transfer, such as app data, app, calendar, call logs, photos, SMS, and contacts. After selecting desired items, hit “start transfer” to sync these items from iPhone to Huawei P30 pro.

Phone Switch

You can transfer data from iPhone to Android with Phone Switch. It is a safe program to transfer data from one device to another. Your personal data is not stored in iCloud or software. Users can transfer different files, such as apps, calendar, call history, text messages, contacts, music, audio, video, and photos. It allows you to transfer data between iOS and Android phones easily. With this program, you can backup, restore, unlock and recover data.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

With dr.fone data transfer program, you can switch your contacts from iPhone to Android. Users can copy selective contacts from iOS to Android. You can move crucial data between computer and iPhone from a smartphone to another. The interface facilitates you with the preview of data. Users may select the content they want to transfer. The app may export contacts to CSV file or a vCard. You can move the desired files to Android devices. See these steps to find out how to move contacts from iPhone to Android.

  • Launch toolkit of dr.fone on your PC and connect your iPhone and Android phone to it. A welcome screen will appear to transfer contacts.
  • The app can detect your phones automatically. The snapshots are available for your convenience. Check the menu bar to see information tap.
  • In the left panel, you can choose contacts. You can save the list of contacts from your old device to a new one.
  • You can select or transfer all contacts and messages at once. Tap on the “export” icon available on the toolbar and select to export these contacts. A vCard may help you to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

Finally, just connect your iPhone device to PC and manually transfer contacts to vCard. If you don’t have maximum contacts in iPhone, you can use Bluetooth to transfer contacts. Bluetooth is an essential feature in each device. With the use of Bluetooth, there is no need to install a third-party tool.

This method may take more time, and a few people avoid it because of security constraints. For this reason, people need to learn how to transfer contacts from iPhone to android using a safe tool. If you can trust Bluetooth, here are some easy steps to transfer contacts.

Go to “Control Center” and turn on Bluetooth from its settings.

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