How to Use Casino Promotions and Bonuses for Your Winning?

How to Use Casino Promotions and Bonuses for Your Winning?

Online casinos are explosive. You might find dozens of deals by this link – These promotions come in different forms like free cash and free spins.  One caveat that new players do not understand is that these bonuses work like cash for betting, but they do not work like cash that you can withdraw. If it were, then a lot of people would have been rich by now.

Online casino companies give bonuses to make their business alluring. Essentially, you can easily double the worth of your deposit when you choose the right promotion. This gives you more betting power and it allows you to participate in more games. But how can you use these for winning?

Encash Bonus Winnings, Not the Bonus

Companies offer ridiculous bonuses. It is not unusual to see a 100% or a £400 bonus upon sign up. What you must realise is that in most cases, you cannot cash this out. Let us say that you signed up for £100 and got £400 bonus. This gives you a total of £500 for playing. But it does not mean you can withdraw £500 to your bank account.

Hypothetically, if you are on a winning streak and won about £700, you can only cash out £300. The original bonus will go to the house. On the other hand, you may end up on the losing side of the game and only have £50. This you can withdraw back to your account.

Choose Offers with No Deposit

This is a neat trick. Sometimes, companies will offer the reward without requiring an initial cash deposit. They typically offer this to customers who have not yet registered an account.

Use this to your advantage. Sign up for an account and play games where you have an edge, such as Blackjack or poker. Choose games in which winning is determined by skill, not by luck. Most of these are card games. Use your reward in the same way you would use your own money. This mindset will allow you to manage your bonus money more carefully.

Find Free Games

In an effort to increase their customer base, many casinos offer free games in many forms. One example is a free spin for slots.

Free games are quick ways to win, and they will cost you nothing, especially if you signed-up for a promotion that does not require a deposit. The first thing you need to do is to read the terms and conditions of the promotion. Many promotions of this nature have wagering requirements.

A wagering requirement refers to the number of times a player has to play his bonus money against a multiplier before he can cash it out. Let us say that you got a £100 bonus and the wagering requirement is ten times (10X).

This means that you have to bet a total of £1000 before you can cash out. If you are playing at a £100 bet per game, then you need to bet this amount ten times. If you win, you can cash out all winnings in excess of the £100 bonus. If you lose, you do not get any.

Only Get the Best Deals

Do not be lured into traps. Some casinos may offer huge bonuses like 500% of your deposit. But to your surprise, the wagering requirements are too high like a 100X wager. You need to realise that bonuses of this sort are not worth your time.

The best bonuses are those in the range of 100% to 200% with a wagering requirement of 25X or 30X. So for every £100 you deposit, you get another £100 which gives you a total of £200. At 30X, you only need to wager £6000, which is fairly easy.

Best deals are also those that require you to deposit but with no wagering requirements. Some casinos offer wager-free bonuses like 100 free spins. This is a great deal because apart from playing your own money, you also get to play 100 times for free. Go to to find more fantastic casino bonuses offers and promotions for you to enjoy!


Casino offers are tricky. They are usually flashed in bright advertisements and the allure is difficult to resist. What amateurs do not know is that there is a fine print in connection to all of this. The only way to take advantage of these bonuses is to do your due diligence.

Read the terms and conditions before signing up. Ensure that you understand these terms and that these requirements lean toward your interest. For example, the bonuses must be applicable to the games that you want to play and not just on one. Lastly, make sure that the casino has withdrawal options available to you.

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