How well do you know Mario?

The gaming industry has evolved over the years. We have seen different franchise that catches the heart of many gamers around the world. The online casino, esports, and sportsbook is perhaps the latest innovation today. You can see a lot of games being offered online with different themes and awesome animation. These games can work in any device from PC to smartphone and tablet. You play the best online casino games anytime and anywhere you like.

But before Fortnite, Dota, CS: Go, Candy Crush, slot machines, or other popular games, Mario is the most beloved video game. First appeared on the 1981 Donkey Kong video game, the character of Mario has been providing entertainment for many years across different countries.

With such long years of existence, there are tons of trivia about the beloved franchise. We gathered some of the most interesting trivia about Mario. You may know some of this information. So let’s find out how well you know Mario.

He’s originally a carpenter

Mario has portrayed a lot of occupations. In different franchises of games, he became a medical physician, archeologist, athlete, president of a toy company, racer, and many more. In 2018, Mario’s Japanese profile stated that Mario’s occupation is plumbing. In the original Donkey Kong games though, Mario is a carpenter. Perhaps it is also the reason why the game’s setting looks like a construction site.

Mario’s full name is Mario Mario 

Mario’s full name is Mario Mario but there is quite a story behind that. The name Mario Mario was first stated in an interview way back in 1989. The name was also used in 1993 live-action film adaptation and was again used year in 2000 for Mario Party 2 and in 2003 for Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Charles Martinet who voiced Mario also declared himself Mario Marion during the Comic-Con event last 2012. However, Satoru Iwata, the fourth president and CEO of Nintendo said that Mario has no Surname. Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator, and designer of the game also agreed with Iwata’s announcement. But Miyamoto changed his stance in September during the 30th Anniversary festival saying that his name is in fact, Mario Mario.


The game has gone through many names. In fact, the game is debuted as “Jumpman” in the arcade game Donkey Kong. In the first English game instruction, the name Jumpman was stated which does make sense because Mario’s signature move is jumping. In the sales brochure, however, the name Mario was used.

Mario game is named after the warehouse landlord 

More trivia on character’s name: Before Mario, the game mascot was named Mr. Video. The name “Mario” that is recognized today was after Nintendo’s landlord, Mario Segale. According to the story, Segale has confronted Minoru Arakawa for their unpaid rent. When Nintendo employees convinced the landlord he would be paid, they decide to name the character in the game Mario after him.

Wario is not Mario’s Evil Twin 

Wario is the arch-nemesis of Mario in the game series. The character is known to be very greedy. The similarity of the design convinces many gamers to think of Wario as an evil twin. But in a Nintendo character guide released in 2014, the company revealed that Wario is only Mario’s childhood friend. This became a revelation for many players. Some even don’t believe with the guide released by the company.

Best-selling game

The Mario character is recognizable around the world. This is the reason why it is not surprising to find that the Mario video game series is hailed as the best-selling video game franchise. The series of Mario video games have sold more than 510 million copies around the world. The Mario character was also the first to have a wax figure in the Hollywood Wax Museum in 2003.


Once a bad guy?

Mario was a total jerk in his second game appearance in Donkey Kong Junior. In this game, Mario imprisoned Donkey Kong as punishment for his crime. His son, Donkey Kong Junior tries to free him as Mario lays a deadly trap. According to Miyamoto, they portrayed Mario as an antagonist to show shades in both Mario and Donkey Kong’s character. Miyamoto wanted to show that all being has a bad and good side.

 Mario breaks brick with his fist 

No, Mario doesn’t use his head to hit bricks, he is using his fist. You probably know this already, but it’s still worth saying. When Mario is jumping, he always puts his fist above his head. If you look closely in a freeze-frame, you’ll see that it’s not Mario’s head that hit the bricks.

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