Indiepocalypse’s 24th issue is now out

Indiepocalypse’s 24th issue is now out

As a month begins, an Indiepocalypse issue follows. The zine’s 24th issue has just been released on the official page for a minimum price of $15. As usual, the publication features a collection of 10 indie games alongside an exclusive title specially commissioned for the bundle-zine.

The commissioned title this time around is 4th Time’s The Charm by Nessa Cannon. It follows the player who, after moving into several haunted houses throughout the past year, is hoping for a normal apartment at last.

As a project, Indiepocalypse aims to bring visibility to smaller developers by providing an outlet for them to showcase their games while getting paid and retaining ownership. More information about Indiepocalypse can be found on the zine’s website,, or its editor’s (Andrew Baillie) social media.

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