Infinity Kingdom Out Now for Android & iOS


YOZOO Games is thrilled to announce the release of their new title Infinity Kingdom. This new MMO offers tactics, an epic story, and historical humor for both iOS and Android devices. Fend off the pesky Gnomes and prevent them from getting their evil, little hands on the World Heart and its powerful energy. Undergo various siege expeditions and capture territories in epic City Sieges while building your own empire.

Charge into battle as some of the most historically well-known leaders of all time. The famed Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, King William the Conqueror, ancient Chinese heroine Mulan and the popular hero of folk Robin Hood are just several from a pool of 60 characters who will be able to lead your attacks across the lands.

Use your leader skills by organizing your troops by their Type, Element, and Position will be the ultimate trial of your tactical knowledge. Add additional buffs to your team with leveled up dragons to conquer your enemies.

In this new free-to-play mobile title, the style of play is up to you. Overtake, conquer, and defeat your enemies the way you want!s

Key Features:

  • A mythical journey versus the Gnome army in an epic PvE campaign.
  • More than 60 historically well-known characters leading your endeavors.
  • Additional buffs in the form of trainable dragons.
  • Ruin discoveries full of rewards for the taking.
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