Innovators Who Have Created Unique Bonus Systems

Innovators Who Have Created Unique Bonus Systems

In today’s online gaming business, bonuses have become one the most integral part of gambling. That’s because bonuses play a huge role in luring players to any online casinos. Players tend to visit the casinos that offer lucrative bonuses, accompanied by reasonable and easy to fulfil terms and conditions.

In a bid to stand out from the competition, many casino operators continuously raise their bonus offers, while others casinos find new ways of creating new and unique promos that are more rewarding to players. An excellent example is the one you can find playing Rizk Slots on their website. So, in today’s post, we’ll take a deeper look into the casinos that have pioneered new and unique bonus systems to keep players wanting more!

Casino Innovators with Unique Bonus systems

After hours of scouring the highest rated online casinos in the business, we found few gaming sites whose bonus system stood out from the rate. Some of those casinos that have pioneered the most innovative ways to offer bonuses include:

  • Rizk casino
  • Play OJO casino
  • Kaboo Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Casino Heroes

Why Are They Unique?

The casinos mentioned above have taken their reward systems to more player-friendly frameworks, in conjunction with well-known software providers like Playtech. They have re-invented the bonus systems such as customised loyalty points, in-house leaderboards, tournaments and more. The result is that these new and exciting systems are more rewarding compared to any other casino bonus features.

Different Types of Unique Bonus Features

Here’s a breakdown of how these unique bonus features are implemented:

●       In-House Leaderboards

The leaderboard is just a display of how you are performing against your opponents or how you are making improvements against the levels available in the house. Your progress up the leaderboard will depend on your gaming frequency and the number of points you accumulate. It is simple, the more points you gain as you play, the higher you get on the leaderboard.

Such leaderboards can be found in Rizk Casino, and here, you enrol in daily competitions depending on the game you are playing, then gain more points which in turn, raises you up the leaderboard. What’s more, as you play slots at Rizk casino, you fill up your power bar continuously which will lead you to the Wheel of Rizk. This ‘Wheel of Fortune’ kind of system then lands you on some pretty sweet deals that make your gaming more interesting. In fact, such a Wheel is also available at Play OJO Casino which has partnered with a couple of different software providers like NetEnt to make the ‘OJO Wheel’.

●       Adventures and Targets

This type of reward system may just be one of the most creative so far. The best of online casinos use adventures and targets that players are supposed to hit for some perks at every stage or level. As long as you stick to the goal and work towards it until completion, you unlock something that will sweeten up your gaming. Besides earning some rewards from this escapade, you get to enjoy playing the games, even more, kicking out all the boredom as a result.

An excellent example of this type of bonus technique can be found in Kaboo Casino. Players there are supposed to select an adventurous target, and then after reaching the target, there is a lucrative bonus that awaits you without spending any extra cash. Usually, free spins without wagering requirements are the most common in such scenarios.

Another awesome instance of adventure can be found at Casino Heroes. It features a super immersive type of bonus system where you travel around in certain magical worlds, and you get to experience great adventures.  Using your selected star avatar to fight evil creatures and earn some laudable casino returns that make things more thrilling.

●       Unlocking new Missions and Games

These work in nearly the same way as the adventures and targets. The missions in question here can be things like unlocking new levels, or maybe new games which give you a chance to enjoy new electrifying exploits.

For instance, the reward system at Casino Heroes tend to provide conditions like; you must first gain enough points that will be needed to unlock a specific mission. If you manage to unlock them, you are entitled new bonus amounts that are higher than the ones you would otherwise grab on regular gameplay.

Another great instance of missions and gaming exploits can be found in Casumo casino where each game level is marked by different colours of belts on your profile avatar. The higher you advance, the more significant the rewards.

Why Do Players Enjoy These Unique Bonus Systems?

Normally, players keep going back to lobbies where they feel most appreciated. While it may seem rather hectic to eventually gain the rewards of these new bonus systems, players appreciate them because of:

1.      More returns

Well, the most important reasons why players enrol in such systems is because they gain more returns. And the rewards come without necessarily having to fulfil strenuous terms, which is usually the case with other regular promotions.

2.      There are more fun and thrill involved

In gaming sites like Kaboo, Casumo and Casino Heroes, the missions, games or adventures involved kick the excitement up a notch.  If you manage to unlock the mission or game, you will not only be rewarded but also feel a sense of accomplishing something, which is really a great thrill.

3.      There’s always something new!

These kinds of reward systems are wired in such a way that, there is always room for modification by their software developers like Microgaming or NetEnt to make them more optimised. For example, the missions available in the games can always be increased, and more interesting rewarding features be added. Since people enjoy the zeal that comes with new and more interesting stuff, it will enhance the general casino experience.

4.      Rewards are received whether you win or lose

Back to the rewards again, how about earning some bonuses irrespective of whether you are winning or losing? Yes, even when things don’t go for you in your regular bets, participation is enough to earn you a reward!

Bottom Line

So, if you are looking to earn more from your gaming, these are the kinds of aspects you should look at on any gaming site. Give any of these casinos a chance today, and we are pretty sure you will love the transformation that comes with them. Ever played in an online casino with a uniquely innovative bonus system? Let us know right here in the comments section!

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