Interactive mobile story in Somewhere: The Vault Papers

Interactive mobile story in Somewhere: The Vault Papers

Mobile games have come a long way from being little built-in timewasters to complete console worthy titles. While for some it is still a high threshold to pay for something you play on your mobile device, there are some that truly prove to be a nice investment. If you like to play a decent written interactive text adventure game you might want to check out Somewhere: The Vault Papers.

You assist Cat who is a whistleblower where her investigation about a major conspiracy can cause some serious issues within the population. You must find clues on the web and help Cat in real-time and be sure to make the right decisions as she finds out about the truth.

Some key features include:

  • Real-time: Stay in real-time communication with Cat over the course of her investigation, lasting several days.
  • Branched story: Player choices will lead to significant changes to the story with multiple endings
  • Solve puzzles: Players must use their wit to find clues on the web to assist Cat in-game
  • Rewind time: Experiment with different story outcomes by rewinding time
  • Dynamic sound: Immersive sound ambiance brings Somewhere: The Vault Paper’s moody atmosphere to life
  • No ads and no internet connection required

Available for iOS platforms and coming later to Android devices for the little price of $2.99 / €3.49.

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