Into A Dream – Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch on March 4th

Into A Dream – Coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch on March 4th

On March 4th, the world will be invited to experience an emotional journey through the darkest corners of a struggling mind on console. Into A Dream, the narrative-driven puzzle game by Filipe F. Thomaz, will be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on March 4th, 2021. The console edition of this beautiful award-winning title, tackling themes such as depression and hopelessness, but also love and compassion, will be available at a price of $13.99 / €11.59 / £10.39. Now available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch for USA and Europe.

Into A Dream has won accolades such as the Best Art Direction Award at the IndieDevWorldOrder Awards 2019, and has been featured by the UK Royal College of Psychiatrist for its portrayal of depression. After releasing on Steam in August 2020, the game reaches consoles now thanks to Top Hat Interactive.

You woke up in a place you had never seen before. A strange, mysterious recording of a voice explained that your mind is somehow connected to the dreams of a man called Luke William — a broken man, step by step getting closer to vanishing away. Having been diagnosed with severe depression, Luke Williams is walking on the edge of the abyss. But now that you’re connected, you just can’t let him go — his life is in your hands…

In Into A Dream, the player takes on the role of John. As John, you’ll follow Luke through an dream like journey through his best and worst moments to discover the events that pushed him into suicidal thoughts. You must encourage him to appreciate life and embrace therapy, but this mission won’t be easy at all: his determination will be strong at first, and you must make sure to hide your true intentions when approaching him.

Key Features:

  • Face the truth of mental illness through a personal story about love and depression.
  • Delve into Luke’s thoughts and feelings through narrative-driven puzzles.
  • Leave your mark in beautiful oniric settings that reflect his inner world.
  • Connect emotionally with a cast of realistic characters with complex lives and relationships, and understand them better thanks to its fully voiced dialogues.
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