Is digitizing everything a good evolution?

Is digitizing everything a good evolution?

In this day and age, everything is getting digitized. We have apps for nearly everything, and even though our device of choice is called a smartphone, we barely use it to call other people than our inner circle of friends and/or family. We can order everything with a few taps on our screen, ranging from actual products to services such as Uber. We are used to getting everything on command, without actually leaving the comfort of our home. This brings us to more complicated matters, as it’s not always clear what sources we can trust online. There’s always a risk when looking further than famous stores, or services when wanting to try something new.

With digitization also come a few other setbacks, such as the disappearance of physical stores and other places to hang out in. Nowadays many countries don’t have that many actual casinos you can stroll in and spend your money. You do have a few shady betting dens in bigger cities that often don’t look very inviting. Online you have tons of different betting places, bookmakers and casinos to choose from, but some are not accessible in your region, others have weird terms and disclaimers and others are downright untrustworthy when it comes to handling your money or paying your profits. Sites such as show us many different bookmaker reviews, which in turn allow us to gamble in peace, knowing our money is safe. Of course, this does not mean you’ll bring home the big bucks, it does allow you to bet in a fair environment, making sure you have some fun while doing it. Many of the sites listed also show what the conditions are. This review site shows you what types of gambling they allow, what the odds are, how much you have to deposit to get started and what bonus you get for signing up. If you also allow your browser to check your location, it can also filter out the sites that are not accessible in your region, which already minimizes the odds of you depositing money on a site that can’t pay you your profits or simply doesn’t allow you to play.

It’s also quite fun to see that sites such as this also allow you to compare different gambling sites, clearly showing what the stats are when you sign up. This isn’t always clear when choosing a proper site to gamble on, and this is something that isn’t always clear when gaming what to expect. We have mentioned the Lootbox debate several times before, but it’s becoming clearer that casino sites want to be as transparent as possible on what to expect when you opt to play at their (digital) tables or when betting on (live) sports. This once again brings us to the different review sites available on the web. It’s often even a good idea to compare different bookie review sites, and if they talk positively about the same sites, it’s a good sign that these platforms are very trustworthy and have higher user scores than those that are hardly mentioned on the web at all.

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