Is the Process of Developing a Slot Game Similar to Ordinary Game?

Is the Process of Developing a Slot Game Similar to Ordinary Game?

Slot games are booming in popularity and the development process is pretty speedy, you can test some slot games out for yourself at We’re here to tell you all about the process of developing a slot game, as well as how it differs from other game development.


Slot games are relatively simple in terms of design, with eye catching graphics and bright colours. They rely on sets of symbols, which will be painstakingly designed in the early stages. These will usually fall into a certain theme, so the symbols will be designed to complement this.

When compared to a regular video game, this is a bit of a simpler process. There’s not a lot of 3D rendering to go on with these games, which makes the development and design process smother. There’s still more than enough ways to be creative within these bounds, with bonus rounds and other elements.

Within the world of slot game design, a lot of effort is placed on creating something that makes the game stand out. This could be a new symbol or design element, often these can be key to creating a game that’s entirely different from the competition.


Most slot games exist online and this is something that has to be accounted for when coding. The actual development process will most likely be undertaken with Javascript, though it’s up to the developer what they use. Cross platform use is essential for most developers, so they may use something like Xamarin.

As a developer, this is quite a lightweight version when compared to using rendering software like Unreal Engine. While these have more options available within them, they can be intensive to code in and take up much more development time.

If we look at 2018 news and development of slot game pieces, we can see that these often come out at a dizzying pace. This is because the developer has a formula and gameplay style already set out, then they can tailor the theme to fit.


The technology that we use to play these games is also shifting, with a much larger emphasis on playing on mobile. This is the way casual casino games are going, so the vast majority of the time, developers have to think about the mobile compatibility. With this in mind, a lot of testing takes place on mobiles, tablets and different operating systems when creating a slot.

For those game developers out there that are programming exclusively for one system, like PC, this is less of a consideration. Within these games, the onus is more on the player to ensure that their system is compatible before they buy. The revenue generation in these cases is different, so it makes sense that their approach would be too.

While these development and design types are different, they do have their own merits. They can also learn from one another to create hybrid games that bridge this gap. Which would you prefer to develop in future?

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