Isolationist Nightclub Simulator – Review
Follow Genre: Sandbox
Developer: Edwin Montgomery, Myshkin Entertainment
Publisher: Myshkin Entertainment
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator – Review

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Nightclubs used to be the place where a large mass of people would gather and enjoy a night of dancing, loud music and many alcoholic beverages. Now, mass gatherings are outlawed and you can only hang out with a few people outside in your own ‘bubble’. But what if you really need your nightlife fix and are looking for a way to feed that craving? In that case, Isolationist Nightclub Simulator has got you covered; it tries to simulate a night out in a fancy nightclub. This venue haves many unique rooms, including a chill section, arcade hall, art gallery and bar with many vision-altering consumables.


Welcome to your own personal simulator which is located in cyberspace. You will be able to forget the daily problems while hanging out in your own private nightclub. The only interaction with other players that you will have is a ‘message in the bottle’ system that allows you to send messages to random owners as graffiti on walls of the bathroom or random texts somewhere. There isn’t any story flow or progression in this game, you just start the simulation and enjoy your stay.


Visually the experience is something that you would find in a real nightclub with flashing lights, laser light shows and holograms giving you the feeling of attending a lively club. The main graphics aren’t that high quality, yet sometimes the game struggles to run smoothly and stutters from time to time. Visuals from the assets are simple but are good enough to create the right atmosphere.


When someone says nightclub, the first thing that comes to mind is music. It would be an expensive joke if the developers had to license real music, so they created their own soundtrack and give the players a wide range of instruments to make their own. The main music consists of loud bass pounding through the halls of the nightclub. In the main hall, the music is really loud, but when you make your way to other parts of the club the music dies down or you can have a relaxing time in the exploration rooms.


Isolationist Nightclub Simulator is a sandbox game where you have your own private nightclub. The game doesn’t really need much explanation as it is as fun as you make it. The nightclub is separated into different rooms, you have the main hall, bar, arcade, art exhibition, toilets and chill rooms. These are all nicely connected and you won’t get lost on your way unless you are intoxicated. You start out near the main hall, this place has a podium with all sorts of instruments, if you are feeling creative to make some music yourself. With the different instruments on stage (that are pretty unique) you can pump out some catchy tunes. You can also liven up the party with some holographic guests and a light show.

Next up is the bar, where you can drink different cocktails that alter your vision pretty harshly, just like taking drugs. You can always reset this filter by drinking some coffee; the magical drink to undo the bad decisions that you made prior. When you have toyed around for two minutes with the drinks, then you might want to make your way to the arcade. There are a few playable games in there, which are super simple and aren’t challenging at all. Next to this is the art gallery where you can view some exhibitions. There is absolutely nothing more to see here but there is a secret passage to the toilet. In the toilet you will find random messages from other players, around the nightclub you will find computers where you can send a ‘message in the bottle’ that will appear at random in other players their game.

Now you have already explored 50% of what this game has to offer, making your way over to the other half, which are the chill rooms. Here are three different themes to explore; the woods with edible mushrooms, the desert with a nice view, and a cozy room with a fireplace. These small rooms are perfect to take a small break from all the intense partying and alcohol-abusing. One last room to explore is the Grand Hall, which has a piano for those willing to mess around with it.

Controlling the game is really easy; you just have to walk around and there are only a few buttons for interaction, so the game isn’t hard to understand. The overall offset of this title is simple but the controls feel a bit off; looking around feels disconnected and the game stuttering from time to time can have a real impact on the experience. Luckily the game is cheap and if you like to get away for a bit and can spare the change then you could always give it a try, or refund it if you really dislike it.


Isolationist Nightclub Simulator tries its best to give you a nightclub experience during a global pandemic. If you are easily entertained then you might enjoy the few activities that the game offers. Sadly the stutters and disconnected controls don’t make the experience all too joyful. There isn’t much content to go with as you will be done with this game rather quickly. This one feels like a fun free project, but not really one worth opening your wallet for.

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Isolationist Nightclub Simulator – Review, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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