Japanese Navy joins the Naval Forces in War Thunder

Japanese Navy joins the Naval Forces in War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that the Japanese Navy will be joining War Thunder as the fifth Naval Forces vehicle tree. The beta testing of the initial lineup of the Japanese ships will begin at the end of May, with the next major content update of War Thunder.

The initial lineup of Japanese ships will include more than twenty ships, all ranging from torpedo to gunboats, from destroys to cruisers. If you have good knowledge of the participants in World War II, you’ll be able to recognize some of the names of these ships. If you haven’t, well, they’re quite spectacular. The light cruiser Agana was vital in the evacuation of Japanese forces from Guadalcanal whilst the destroyer Yugumo escorted Admiral Nagumo’s strike force against Midway. It is equipped with eight torpedo tubes in two traversable quad-turrets mounted at the center of the ship. Sadly enough, Yugumo sank during the battles around the Solomon Islands, but perhaps you’ll do better this time around.

Whilst most ships are from the Imperial Japanese Navy, the lineup will also consist of more modern ships from the post-war Japanese Self-Defense Marine Forces. In the modern lineup, the last torpedo boat to serve in the Japanese Navy will be included, namely the PT-15.

And is is true to War Thunder’s realistic approach, players will be given an in-depth history lesson of the ships and their specific ammunition, such as the Type 93 torpedoes. During World War II, these torpedoes were commonly used by the Japanese destroyers and cruisers and are now often referred to as the Japanese “Long Lance” due to their excellent hitting power, range and speed. They were certainly the most advanced torpedoes for their time and the design and capabilities of the Japanese Navy have been recreated as authentically as possible. As the Japanese Navy is the fifth fleet in War Thunder, it will be interesting to see just how advanced these torpedoes were against their counterparts.

Players can get access to the beta testing of Japanese ships by completing tasks in War Thunder once Content Update 1.89 has hit. If you don’t want to complete the tasks but would still like access to the beta testing, an alternative option will be available by purchasing one of the pre-order bundles. These bundles contain a premium Japanese ship, a sum of premium currency, several days of premium time as well as a unique player title and vehicle decal. One pre-order pack will also include the modern patrol boat PG-02 (Rank II), whilst the other pre-order pack will include the World War II destroyer Kiyoshimo (Rank III).

We still have a while before we can test out these heavy hitters, but while you wait, you may want to attend the livestream of the online tournament battled out between popular War Thunder YouTube and Twitch content creators. Claiming the YouTube Cup will be quite a battle, so tune in on the official War Thunder channels on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook starting on May 6th to May 8th.

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