JSAUX likes to keep it transparent with its new Steam Deck Shell

JSAUX likes to keep it transparent with its new Steam Deck Shell

Nothing says cool like a transparent plastic shell for your appliances. Who remembers the amazing Game Boy Color or has a transparent PlayStation controller? Now, for those with a Steam Deck that want to customize their portable console to something straight out of yesteryear, JSAUX has the solution.

With the transparent back plate, players are able to customize their Steam Deck with a stylish look that shows the insides of Valve’s handheld. In addition, there are three sets of rear buttons included with different heights, which adds another layer of customization. You don’t need to bring your Steam Deck into a specialized repair shop to get this mod done, just unscrew the eight screws that hold the rear shell, pull back the cover and install your brand-new JSAUX one. If your Steam Deck gets hot from time to time, this upgrade comes with a little bonus: an aluminum sheet is placed inside the case to help cool down the Steam Deck.

The transparent shell case is available now, codenamed PC0106.


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