Killer Queen Black – Out now!

Killer Queen Black – Out now!

Good news for Killer Queen Black fans! The arcade action platformer has arrived to Switch and PC!

Killer Queen Black can be played with up to four players locally on PC or Switch. You can even play with 8 players by connecting two switches to each other in Local Wireless Play. Like the old arcade games, Killer Queen Black displays on one screen. The six available maps are symmetrical to make it fair for both teams. Spread around the map are berries and pick-ups. These all contribute to the different ways you can win the game. Filling up the hive with berries is one way to win, upgrading the gate and transform into a warrior is another way.

“We’ve had eager fans asking where Killer Queen Black was all year, and the reason is that it kept growing and growing,” said Matt Tesch, co-founder of Liquid Bit. ”As fans of the original games ourselves, we wanted to make absolutely sure we did it justice!”

Killer Queen Black is now available on Steam, the Nintendo eShop, the Humble Store and Discord.

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