Largest Golf Courses: Famous and Prestigious

Did you know that golf was officially discovered in Scotland during the 15th century as a sport? Are you excited to learn about the most extensive golf courses in the world? Well, if you said yes, this article is for you. 

Golf courses are a realm of solace for the players. It is where they allow their passion for golf to flow out into the open grounds of the course. Since most golfers gather here to invest energy into their love for golf playing, these grounds are exceptional. 

The Most Significant Golf Courses

Much like the online casinos for Australian players, golf courses are a craze among contemporary golfers everywhere. But the challenge erupts when you have to choose between the top golf courses in the world. There are so many prestigious courses that selecting some of them wouldn’t do justice to the remaining. Nevertheless, we will list down some of the most extensive golf courses known for carrying paramount prestige today: 

  • Promontory Club
  • Blair Atholl Golf Course
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course
  • The Shoals Golf Club
  • Antler Creek Golf Course Colorado
  • The Prairie Club- Dunes Course

Promontory Club – Painted Valley Course, Utah, USA

Statistics suggest that America accounts for nearly 50% of all golf courses. The Promontory Club is only a part of it. The Painted Valley Course is one of the two courses in the Promontory Club. It offers a mind-boggling view of three primary ski mountains. It is one of the most highly praised courses by golf publications around the world. Moreover, golfers who play here can enjoy an impressive layout to play golf from different angles. 

The golf season extends from May 22nd to October 19th of each year. It also offers exceptional facilities of food and drinks that allow the golfers to refresh themselves without leaving the course. More importantly, the course closes with a massive 480-yard par 4. With 18 holes, Promontory Club offers you a variation in the golf holes to enjoy the game without any inconvenience. 

Blair Atholl Golf Course, Johannesburg, South Africa 

The golf course is measured at 8,420 yards and was designed by Gary Player. The course offers a host of natural features to leave you mesmerised for a long time. You will be appalled to know that this course is the third-longest in the world. That is why it is so popular among all South Africans and golf lovers worldwide. The routing of the golf course allows almost eleven water featured holes that promote its versatility. You may also find the Crocodile river that adds to its overall charm. 

This golf course is one of the most aesthetically pleasing courses in the world that will win your heart. The natural features like the 150-year-old river is a standout point here. The golf is also open to both scratch and disabled players. So, anyone can come here without a second thought to enjoy their favourite sport. 

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Course, Lijiang, China 

Measuring 8,548 yards, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf course in China is a must-visit for all golf lovers. It features a host of snow-capped mountains and lush trees to leave you wanting more. No matter which hole you choose here, a spectacular mountain view will come in complimentary. Visitors can come to play here every day and enjoy an experience worth cherishing for a lifetime. 

You will be intrigued to know that the course is situated 3,100 meters above sea level. This is what makes this golf course the second highest in the world. Due to its high altitude, the air is too thin here for people to breathe correctly. That is why the golf carts here provide players with sufficient oxygen to engage in their favourite sport. The golf packages are also quite affordable. So, you can choose at your convenience. 

The Shoals Golf Club, Fighting Joe Course, Alabama 

Measuring at 8,092yards, the Shoals Golf Club Fighting Joe Course is beautiful to look at. It is nestled between the Wheeler and Wilson Dams on the Tennessee River. Many golf players constantly argue about the 17th course being the signature course here. Opened in the summer of 2005, most golfers love this golf course for its alluring beauty and exceptional calmness. 

But others say that the 1st and 2nd are the best. This is one of Alabama’s most prestigious golf courses, and people love to play here for its scenic beauty. If you love a beautiful view from a golf course, this one is yours to keep. You can also get an online course tour for the golf course and check out the mesmerising beauty.  

Antler Creek Golf Course Colorado, USA 

Measuring at 8,114 yards, Ricky Phelps designed this golf course. The course offers a magnificent length that allows every golfer to play here without any inconvenience. The broad fairways are beautiful, artistic, enchant everyone and compel them to play here for hours. The golf course was opened in 2004 to all golf lovers, and to date, it continues to be a prestigious course worldwide. 

The already pleasing aesthetics enhance the three lakes and 73 bunkers that you can find here for an added experience. If you love taking up challenges and enjoying your golfing experience, the Antler’s six sets of tees will make you come back for more every time. The excellent golf course offers one of the finest golf game experiences to you. 

The Prairie Club- Dunes Course, Nebraska, USA 

Measuring at 8,058 yards, Tom Lehman and Chris Brands designed the golf course in Nebraska. If you are looking to enjoy undulating fairways, accelerated trees and prairie grasses, this place is yours to keep. The club also features two more courses for you to enjoy a relaxing game wherever you want. The Pines course and the 10th hole are those courses. 

The play packages are also highly affordable. So, you can play here like online pokies real money at casinos. You can also make the most of the Prairies Club Stay that is filled with enchantment and thrill. You are bound to find yourself fascinated by the experience. So, if you want to enjoy a memorable holiday, you can come here for a luxurious stay and enjoy the golf games too. The place offers a world-class golf experience with luxury accommodations. You can grab more relevant information by visiting their website. 

The Bottom Line 

Playing golf in one of the world’s largest and most prestigious courses is a matter of pride and enthusiasm. If you get to enjoy such a golden opportunity, don’t give up on it. Scroll through this article one more time to find yourself lost amidst the beautiful golf courses that the world has to offer. 

The ones that we have listed above for you are not just spectacular but offer an experience worth cherishing forever. So, why keep waiting? Indulge in a fun-filled adventure as you visit these golf courses at the earliest. You won’t be disappointed. 

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