Legacy of Discord gets big update!

Legacy of Discord gets big update!

YOOZOO Games is proud to say that Legacy of Discord, the legendary ARPG has rolled out a fresh update including; Mercenaries, new battle modes and new gameplay possibilities.

You will never need to go into combat alone again, because of up to three mercenaries will fight with you in battle. Once dead, mercenaries can be revived when switching maps or when the player is revived after dying. They are also very powerful when brought into the Celestial Tournament. Their inclusion across the game, essentially, offers more gameplay possibilities. Pets, Wrathwings, Mounts and Metamorphs can all be socketed to a mercenary, boosting your battle rating.

The above mentioned Celestial Tournament is an all-new battle mode, where Guild members can build a team of 5 to 10 people for matches. The first team to capture two flags for 30 seconds wins.

For more information, be sure to check out their official website, here. Or you can follow them on Facebook.

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