LEGO: DC Super-Villains officially released today

LEGO: DC Super-Villains officially released today

Today, the new LEGO game: DC Super-Villains has been officially released.

This game will be the first of all LEGO games that allows you to control villains instead of playing the hero to fight super villains. In DC Super-Villains, you get to create your own super villain to stop the plans of the Legion of Doom. You can determine your own role in this story.

As always, LEGO DC Super-Villains offers a fun two-player co-op mode that lets your friends join in on the action.

A deluxe edition is also available at the price of €74.99 and it includes the base game, Season Pass content, early access to the character DLC: DC Super-Villains: TV Series and an exclusive LEGO mini-figurine of Lex Luthor in a Superman costume. People who buy the digital version of the deluxe edition will receive the Justice League Dark-character package, inspired by the comic series: Justice League Dark.

Check out the official release trailer below.

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