Life is Feudal: Your Own gets animated trailer and release date

Life is Feudal: Your Own gets animated trailer and release date

Development of Life is Feudal: Your Own is nearing completion. The multiplayer medieval sandbox by BITBOX Ltd., much improved with community-requested features, is going to leave Steam Early Access to launch on the 17th of November (with a 40% midweek discount).

Life is Feudal: Your Own gives the player an open world full of many opportunities, from being a farmer, to an architect, a warrior, or even…wait for it…an artist! Work with the community to alter the landscape, and use modular building tools to create fantastically realistic villages and cities- as well as crafting items you need to survive and enrich your life. What is more, you can challenge other players to a duel with physics-based combat. Make sure though to work with and share skills with your neighbours to be truly prosperous.

Key features of Life is Feudal: Your Own include:

  • 64-player, 3km x 3km world in a realistic medieval setting
  • Creating worlds with your rules, including crafting times, skill-caps and even permadeath
  • Utilisation of modular building tools to create villages, cities and fortresses
  • Terraforming the landscape with nearly limitless freedom
  • Making a character of your choosing with class-free character progression
  • Hundreds of craftable items, such as weapons, clothing, buildings and decorations
  • PvP with an alignment system to aid the righteous, as well as the ability to join with friends to build an army
  • Physics-based combat using mouse and character movement, with no lock-on targeting.
  • Each player will also receive access to the future release of Life is Feudal: MMO, which is currently in development

Interested? Check out the trailer below, which is narrated by someone very familiar to a medieval setting. (Don’t worry, BITBOX Ltd. have promised that he doesn’t die):

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