Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Score composers revealed.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm – Score composers revealed.

Square Enix announced today that the original soundtrack for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, the prequel for the award winning Life Is Strange, will be supported by music from the British Indie-folk band: Daughter. The original soundtrack “Music From Before The Storm” will be published by Glassnote Records/4AD on 1 September 2017. In the game, there are, besides all the tracks from “Music From Before The Storm”, also a few extra tracks including 2 older tracks from Daughter.

Life Is Strange is an emotional game that not only makes use of the great storytelling and characters but also from the music to release emotions from the players:

“We found it incredibly important to find a great collaboration for our original music besides our licensed tracks, to capture the raw emotion of our game, and Daughter met all our requirements,” says Jon Brooke, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Square Enix London Studios.

“We’re so proud that we could write the soundtrack for “Life Is Strange: Before The Storm”, Says Elena Tonra lead singer from Daughter. “It was the first time that we wrote an original soundtrack and we were honored to receive the opportunity to work together with the team”

“We were excited about this project, so we made something that could be a soundtrack for the characters in the game itself,” says Igor Haefeli, founder of the band. “It was also important to us that this collection of songs and tracks could stand on its own two feet, so we really tried hard to accomplish this. We hope that both players and non-players can equally enjoy it.”

Listen to the first track “Burn It Down” here

The first episode from Life Is Strange: Before The Storm will release the 31st of August 2017 on Xbox One, Steam (PC) and PS4.

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