Light Tracer – released on PS VR today!

Light Tracer – released on PS VR today!

An awesome new puzzle game has been released today on the PlayStation VR: Light Tracer. In the game, players portray a god-like being that possesses a light wand that can manipulate the world. Light Tracer is a puzzle platformer where players ingeniously have to use surrounding objects and manoeuver them at will to create a path while taking the princess along with them. Going deeper in the game the player will find out more about the princess and the mysteries surrounding the magic tower.

 “Light Tracer offers PS VR players a new form of platform game that includes a journey through ambitious riddles, colossal heights and artistic effects”, says Alen Wu, Business Director at Oasis Games

In Light Tracer players dive into a beautiful virtual world with stunning visual effects. Other features include:

  • 8 different worlds/chapters are available each with new riddles, challenges, and threats.
  • Each chapter ends in a challenging boss fight that requires the player to think fast and act methodically to win.


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