Little Nightmares: The Residence DLC – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, puzzle
Developer: Tarsier Studios
Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: PS4

Little Nightmares: The Residence DLC – Review

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So this is the last stop, the final chapter of the DLC Trilogy of Little Nightmares: Secrets of the Maw. In this chapter we will finally see the story of the Runaway Kid come to an end. While every expansion brought us deeper and deeper within the Maw, today we stand right in front of the ultimate nightmare. What will happen to our protagonist, it is up to you to puzzle the pieces together.

Little nightmares the residence

We wake up in a rather dark place, a sight we are getting used to with each chapter. It all starts out with you getting out of the elevator shaft and dropping into the living quarters of someone we rather not meet. As you stealthily move past her we go into a very large main hall. And this was the only sneaky part of the whole DLC, which some of you will surely love, as these could get very tricky and nerve-racking.

Now we find ourselves in the main portion of this DLC and the wide room calls for some very mind-bending puzzles. As in previous expansions the puzzles where either too simple or were difficult because bad A.I. scripting or bugs. Now in this one they feel more inspired like the classical horror games like ‘Silent Hill’ or ‘Resident Evil’. These riddles can be very hard for a new player but a seasoned veteran will blast through these with ease. That’s why this chapter may feel very short to some. After a certain part the lights will go out and this introduces a new gameplay feature in Little Nightmares. You must combat your way through defeating ‘shadow puppets’ that will try to consume you with darkness. The blinding ray of your trusty flashlight is enough to make the ghosts disappear and their porcelain mask fall and break, these are clearly the Geisha’s minions.

Little Nightmares_the residence 2

After everything is in place you will walk into another room, and look who we have here. A familiar face for some and after a little interaction all hell breaks loose. We run away but the entity is not happy that we know the truth and it decides to punish the Runaway Kid with a life-altering event. Without spoiling anything you will wander around some more in the backdrop of some familiar places. In the end we gather at a special location where those who played the original storyline probably know what is going to happen next. But this is not all, a mysterious cutscene plays in the end, saying that ‘we will meet again’. Is this a hint to even more content to come?


As this is the last expansion we see fit that the story ends of Runaway Kid, in the eyes of some it can still continue but just replay the main campaign and soon you will discover why. This chapter has more and better puzzles that will be truly challenging for some but for others it is a great nod at the older survival games. It may feel short but it doesn’t mean that it is less intense because of that. There are mysteries considering new DLC coming out later, about the truth behind Six.

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Little Nightmares: The Residence DLC – Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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