Lunistice out now on PC and Switch

Lunistice out now on PC and Switch

Games these days all aim to be more and more complicated, all while some gamers just want to go back to the simple days. With this in mind, developer A Grumpy Fox was inspired to to go back to the PSX/ SEGA Saturn days. Initially, the concept of Lunistice was to create a small game in 30 days but the developer was stuck in a creative crisis. As this failed, the team went on to churn out one amazing title after a year of hard intense labor. Now this 3D-Platformer with a banger soundtrack is here to warm your hearts in the coming cold winter.

Players will follow the story of Hana, who goes through seven different dreams to explore various dreamscapes that are created from her memories, just like in real life. You will find locations such as a fancy water park, a world made out of food and even visit some old shrines. But exploring isn’t the main deal behind the game, no, the core is to beat the fastest time and achieve an S-Rank on every stage. Do so and maybe you will reach the final destination, ‘The Moon’ and try to uncover the secrets of ‘The Lunastice’ along the way. The game is designed to be enjoyed in short bursts and a speedrunner’s dream as you can beat your times and achieve higher scores.

Lunistice is available now (for real this time) on PC through Steam and GOG and on the Switch via the eShop.

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