Major update released for Lumencraft

Major update released for Lumencraft

Today, 2Dynami Games and Star Drifters have announced the release of a major update for their top-down action shooter with tower defense elements: Lumencraft.

Lumencraft combines a top-down shooter with mining, and tower defense mechanics into one game. With dynamic lighting and almost unlimited environmental destruction, you can build a unique atmosphere in Lumencraft’s survival and tactical gameplay.

The update features a new episode with new assets good for more than ten hours of gameplay with the complete game offering over several dozen hours of gameplay. The terrain textures have been improved, the game now features widescreen support and some screen resolution fixes have been added. A new weapon and a new enemy have been added as well, and lastly, support for GeForce NOW has been added. You can also expect to see a new and improved UI and new robotic helpers and their workshops in the next regular update for Lumencraft.

A new trailer showing the new features in Lumencraft with commentary done by the developers can be watched below this post.

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