MapleStory 2 Knight Skill and Build Guide

MapleStory 2 Knight Skill and Build Guide

While choosing the Knight as your class may look like you’re signing up to be a meat shield for your fellow party members, the truth is it’s more than just that. In Maplestory 2, Knights are considered to be the tanksand are focused on debuffing enemies all the while buffing their allies and saving them from rather precarious situations. Just because you’re a tank doesn’t mean you don’t deal any damage though. Knights can also be played for DPS because of their high damaging skills. But overall,it’s best if a Knight gets to defend in such cases as when you’re in a party.

Attribute Points

The Knights in MapleStory 2 Mesos are focused around Strength and Health, allowing you to pick and adjust which attribute you want more of. Strength is more damage-based while Health is geared for tanking capabilities. The best thing about Attribute allocation here is that Attribute Point resets are free, so you can always test which option works best for you. For instance, when in a raid that has a boss with high damage capabilities, you might want to have more Health.It’s important to alter the allocation of your Attribute Points based on what you’re currently doing in game.

Basic Knight Build

A basic Knight Build is perhaps the most generic one that you can find throughout all the classes. However, this build works great for just about any content and, more importantly, it is beginner-friendly so leveling up shouldn’t be a problem.For this build, it’s best to keep Iron Defense open all the time and use the Warhorn to increase the overall team damage when you’re in a party. Having Typhoon Slash as the main skill helps considerably when dealing damage and whenever your team is in a bit of a bind. You should have Bulwark as well for you to be tanky enough. All in all, this build is 50% on Health and 50% on Strength, giving you the best of both worlds.

Tanky Knight Build

A more defensive Knight Build sacrifices some damage for extra health and survivability which is common and appreciated in party play. For this, Shield Wall, Warhorn, Bulwark, and Defender of the Faith are great spells that should be in your kit at all times. Use Warhorn to have a bit of a boost to your damage, Shield Toss to reduce your enemy’s defenses and then go all in with Divine Strike and Stinging Flurry to deal some major damage. An alternative would be to use Macro Divine Strike plus Stinging Flurry instead if you find yourself in a bit of trouble.

Support Knight Build: Perfect for Raids & Dungeons

Depending on the Dungeon or Raid that you’re going into, it’s better to alter your build in accordance with whatever is needed. An example would be if a Dungeon has more monsters that have AoE attacks. In such cases, having Bulwark and Defender of the Faith would prove to be a good choice. Choosing to be a Support type of Knight isn’t easy, especially for newcomers of the class since you have to know the Boss’ abilities and deftly analyze when the right time to cast your own abilities is so you can effectively shield your allies.

When in the game, first pop Warhorn for a boost of damage to you and your allies, then use Shield Toss to lower enemy defenses. If your allies are in grave danger, cast Iron Defense and Bulward or Defender of the Faith to keep them alive enough to heal.


The knight is a class that does well in PvE, providing a lot of useful utilities for defense and attack all the while dishing out a decent amount of damage. Having a Knight is useful in a party. In PvP mode, Knights are considered to be in the mid-tier class that can perform well depending on the matchups. While playing as a Knight isn’t flashy or particularly interesting, it’s a class that others can easily get into without any trouble.

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