Mobile Gaming to Represent More than Half of Total Game Revenue

Mobile Gaming to Represent More than Half of Total Game Revenue

As smart phones become cheaper by the day, more people are buying them. After all, the average mobile device now comes with a variety of functions not limited to calls and texting alone. In fact, most people use them for purposes of playing online games, thanks to the fact that graphics have gotten better over time.

Nevertheless, statistics on the use of smart phones and tablets in gaming is still projecting a big trend which is currently forming and is not showing signs of slowing down. Newzoo quarterly report indicates that the global gaming market is set to generate $108.9 billion by end of this year. However, a big part of the revenue will come from mobile players. The report actually indicates that 42% of this revenue will be attributed to players using smart phones and tablets.

Breaking it down

These figures represent the overall behavior of some 2.2 billion players spread out across the globe. It highlights some impressive market growth generally. In fact, according to statistics that covered this industry in 2016, it was reported that the gaming market had expanded by 7.8%, meaning that there were even more players making their way into gaming platforms like online casinos.

The industry is very confident that mobile gaming represents 42% of the gaming market on a global scale. This is further fueled by the fact that mobile device growth is hitting the 19% mark year after year.

And according to the latest stats from Newzoo, it has already been projected that mobile gaming will take more than half of the market by the year 2020. This is because the trend is already in place, plus mobile manufacturers are engaging in competition to make their products technologically-superior than their rivals. This creates a situation where the best smart phones or tablets can be priced affordably. In the end, more users will acquire them, thus pushing the agenda of the gaming market forward.

Angry Birds


When it comes to geographic positioning of these players, we realize that the Asian Pacific region has the largest number of mobile players. China accounts for a ¼ of the market revenue for the year. This total growth in revenue represents a 9% increase over last year.

On the other hand, North America falls in second place with$27 billion revenue. This represents a 4% year over year increase. The rest of the world is catching up as well.

The use of PC and gaming consoles has stagnated

Mobile gaming is way ahead with a figure of $46.1 billion this year. However, the use of gaming console is now lagging behind at $33.5 billion.

Other platforms like PCs have also been hit hard as the world views mobile gaming as the international norm.

These reports show that PC gaming has been experiencing a downtrend since 2015. The revenue projections for PC gaming this year are estimated at only $4.5 billion. And if you compare this to the 9% increase in revenue that is associated with mobile gaming, you will see why this shift is hard to ignore. And with these widespread phenomena of mobile gaming, it now makes sense to begin searching for minimum deposit casinos that make it possible for everyone to afford testing out their games.

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