MOTHERGUNSHIP – Physical console editions coming soon

MOTHERGUNSHIP – Physical console editions coming soon

The over the top first-person shooter: MOTHERGUNSHIP is getting physical console editions in 2018. MOTHERGUNSHIP features a thrilling weapon customization system that allows players to create their own armory that will conquer the others. With bullet infernos and merciless first-person gun control plus some of the most badass bosses in FPS history makes it literally one hell of a game.

MOTHERGUNSHIP can be played endlessly because of it all changing computer generated rooms and different kinds of enemies. A great feature is also returning: the Hugbot. It’s also the successor to the popular game: Tower of guns.

“With MOTHERGUNSHIP, you have the freedom to create whatever you want with a new modular approach to gun crafting that allows players to express themselves with millions of possible combinations. You can even strap 12 barrels to one weapon if you want,” commented Joshua Garrity, Digital Content Manager at Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited. “This makes for exhilarating fast and explosive gameplay, plus the game’s procedurally generated level layouts and enemy configurations ensure that it feels like a new challenge every time you play, no matter how many times you come back for more.”


“MOTHERGUNSHIP is over-the-top old school shooter fun, and I want players to laugh out loud when they play it,” said project director and Terrible Posture Games founder, Joe Mirabello.


for more information on MOTHERGUNSHIP check out their site here.

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