Moving Out – Movers in Paradise DLC Out Now!


Team17, DevM Games, and SMG Studio are happy to announce the release of the DLC Movers in Paradise for their title Moving Out.

The new DLC has much to offer. Adding in a total of 24 new levels, new mechanics, and extra characters, the team of movers is now set in a new tropical environment of Packmore Island where the backbreaking labor team is continuing its journey.  Packmore Island is reachable by a boat through the game’s original location of Packmore to the addition of the original team, the new more theme-oriented group with Tooki the toucan, Coco the coconut, Clawdius the crab, and Gilly the fish will be putting their backs before their heads in a swirling fun of the correct handling of removal goods, with their main enemy, which is time.

The DLC is available for purchase on PC and consoles for $7.49/ €7.49/ £5.99

Alongside today’s launch is the wider release of the free Moving In update, which turns the tides of the game’s core premise and tasks players with unpacking the removals van across a dozen of Moving Out’s original levels, positioning items in the correct locations as quickly as possible. The free update, which launched last month on Amazon Luna, also adds the option for players to customize their character’s shirts and debuts two new dance moves.

Key Features:

  • New 14 levels set in a tropical paradise with an additional 10 arcade levels.
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • Four new zany characters to choose from, together with new trophies and achievements for completionists.
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