Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill – 20th anniversary!

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill – 20th anniversary!

HeR Interactive is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Nancy Drew video game series. They celebrate this anniversary by doing a special twitch stream featuring “Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill”. Fans watching the stream will also be able to win unique prizes so be sure to follow the Nancy Drew Twitch channel here.

“From the very beginning, Megan Gaiser (HeR Interactive’s CEO from 1999 to 2011) had the vision for the company to be the undisputed leader in creating high quality, fun and inspiring games for women of all ages,” said Penny Milliken, the current CEO of HeR Interactive. “Having a female protagonist in a video game in 1998 was groundbreaking. We are incredibly proud to be able to continue the legacy of this timeless character and to celebrate how Nancy Drew has influenced players to be strong, confident, smart and kind.”

Go on an interactive mystery adventure with Nancy Drew in Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. In the game, Nancy stumbles upon a mystery at a local high school while visiting her aunt in Florida. With the huge amount of suspects that have a motive, she will have to use her wits to discover the culprit. Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill has also been remastered, so fans can replay the game that started the series. The remastered version has a new ending and updated graphics for a different experience.

“The enduring longevity of the award-winning series is attributed to our amazing fan base. We love hearing how our games have inspired fans to become female game developers, artists, writers or even pursue STEM-related careers,” Milliken continued. “HeR Interactive is also unique in that we were one of the first game companies to not only be led by a female but also encouraged and supported women in the game industry…which continues to be a major focus to this day.”

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED is available here. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nancy Drew, HeR Interactive is offering 75% off this title, using the promo code 20YEARS, from the 15th of November till the 18th of November.

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