Narborion Saga – Review
Follow Genre: Story-driven adventure
Developer: Liber Primus Games
Publisher: Liber Primus Games
Platform: Android, iOS
Tested on: Wiko Highway

Narborion Saga – Review

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Narborion Saga sounds mysterious and guess what, it is! The secretive part about this game is the story, because you will have to shape it. So watch out how you react, since it will determine the rest of your path.



You get a bit of information when you start the game. Your father is a sergeant of Lord Kelinor and you can be proud of your dad. He was an important figure during the fight of the Four Kings. For these heroic deeds he got a small estate in Thuringwathost. Although your father could offer you  a lot, you get the chance to be a page under Lord Kelinor. This is the moment that you’re jumping into the story, you’re into some fighting training as you’re still living with your master. After your drill you go to the parade ground for your afternoon session. Some strange things happen there and that will be the start of the story. How the rest goes, is up to you.

The thing about Narborion Saga is that there is no fixed story, you make your own! The decisions you make are important for the rest of the narrations and even the upcoming games. It is best to think wisely before you act, since there isn’t a real “return” button implemented (there are ways to get back, but more about that later). Sometimes your actions will have consequences which can be good or bad. But in the end, how things will turn out, all matters on your acts.















The graphics of the game fit the setting but it could have been better. Since you’re reading some kind of book, the only thing you see most of the time is the page of a book. Now and then, you will get a small drawing to emphasize something that is happening on that particular page.

It would have been nice if Narborion Saga would have a bit more images, although the game want to feel like you’re reading a book.


Since the game wants to give you the feeling you’re inside a book, it might be natural that there is no sound although it would have been nice to have at least some effects. The game has some moments that these effects could have been implemented, like during fights or puzzles.


Narborion Saga is a story-driven game in which your acts are the most important part. Sometimes, you only have one choice to choose from, while other times, you have two or more possibilities. This means that the game steers you in a certain direction at times, although your decisions still shape the rest of the story. When you give certain answers, you will receive fame. The amount of fame you have collected will have its influence on the game as well.

The book-like environment isn’t the only thing the game has to offer you. First of all, let’s make a character. At the start of the game, you can set some stats (Strength, Magic, Dexterity and Hit points). These stats are very significant, especially during battle. The amount of Strength will determine how much damage you will do, while the Hit Points are needed to last longer in battle. Dexterity is responsible for your defence and Magic is necessary if you want to perform spells.

Now you know what you can alter, it is time for some fighting! This is quite easy but frustrating as well. When you encounter enemies, you get an extra screen. Here you will see the defence, attack power and hit points of both parties. When you want to attack, the system will throw two dices, for you and your enemy. When your sum is higher than you charge. Depending on how much higher you have thrown and the defence stat of your enemy, you will inflict more damage. When your sum of the dice is lower, your attack misses. You can use magic in your battles as well, both for healing yourself as for doing damage. Watch out though, every time you use a spell, your magic points will go down. The fight continues until one party dies. If you die you will have to restart from the beginning, unless you set some bookmarks. More about bookmarks later.


















The second thing are puzzles. The game has a few selected for you and you will encounter them at certain times. It would have been nice if the developers had implemented a few more so you had a bit more diversion.

You can buy items in the game or, at some times, you receive items from people you encounter during your travels. Some of these items can be equipped and will grant you extra defence. Nothing comes for free and if you want to buy things, you’ll need gold. This is where the biggest negative point comes into play. You will have to buy gold with real money before you can do anything in the game. For example, if you don’t want to restart the game every time you die, you will have to buy bookmarks. You only start the game with five gold and a bookmark costs six. You can find money now and then but you will need to buy other items as well. The only solution is to spend real money, which is quite sad.


Narborion Saga is a game that is text- and storybased and in which your choices are crucial for the narration. The game represents a book, which means you won’t get any special graphics or even sound. The gameplay is special and will get you hooked for a while but once you die and you will have to redo everything, you might lose your interest. The other sad part is that you will have to spend real money if you want to progress in the game.

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Rating: 8.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Narborion Saga - Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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