Nature strikes back … on Zombies

Nature strikes back … on Zombies

We all know zombie survival games as a war between humans and undead. What would happen if every human being has been changed to brainless zombies? In Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse, the animals need to strike back due to the quite annoying zombie plague. You can choose between giant bears or an angry duck and the available arsenal of weapons is quite big. Be ready to use swords or freeze-rays.

It wouldn’t be fun if you hadn’t had a special survival instinct and yessiree, every playable animal has its special rage move. Even more, you can strategically place smaller animals to help or defend you. Although you have some tricks on your sleeve, it’s only natural if the opposition has the same perks. Zombies will be able to spit toxic liquid or have some exploding body parts.

These are some features the game has to offer:

  • Multiplayer Co-op: Team up with friends and complete challenges, level up and unlock new weapons.
  • Up to 8 players!
  • Tonnes of weapons.
  • Different game modes.
  • Iconic levels!
  • Support for Keyboard / XB360 / XB1 / PS3 / PS4 controllers and more!
  • Easy to pick up and play, even for complete beginners!
  • Releasing on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and Android TV.

If you think that you’re up for it, support them on Greenlight.

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