NecroBouncer is now out

NecroBouncer is now out

Publisher Ravenage Games and indie developer Alchemy Sheep have announced that their procedurally generated dungeon crawler, NecroBouncer, is now available through Steam and GOG. A free demo is also out for players to try out until the game’s second boss. Featuring hack-and-slash gameplay with modern mechanics, the game also features a Twitch integration for followers to wreck havoc during streams.

In the game players will have to mix and match items and relics to form their own unique playstyle while keeping their nightclub safe. Should they be defeated in action, they’ll be sent back to the start with their accrued items and abilities, but losing all progress. In order to spice things up, enemies will also show up with unique attributes that change from run to run, based on their clothing, further forcing players to stay on their toes.

“NecroBouncer is the culmination of years of dedication, sacrifice and all-nighters,” adds Oražem. “I can’t wait to share my passion project with the world today, and watch people clobber their way through drunken hell over and over again. I’m definitely going to be drinking tonight!”


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