Neon Noodles – Out now on Steam Early Access!

Neon Noodles – Out now on Steam Early Access!

Vivid Helix, the developer of the award-winning puzzler Semispheres proudly announces that their newest game Neon Noodles is now available on Steam Early Access!

In Neon Noodles, players will create an automation machine that creates food dishes. By using a combination of robots, ingredient stations, process stations, and programming commands, players will create a fully automated restaurant. You will be able to program your robots to make over 100 recipes.

Neon Noodles is a delectable stew of puzzle games, cooking, and cyberpunk,” said Vivid Helix founder, programmer, game designer, and head chef Radu Muresan. “I’ve been working on it for years and if you’d like to be among the first to taste test it, try out the Steam Early Access version. And if you’d like to try a free sample, there’s a demo available that walks you through the tutorial. Take a bite and see what you think!”

Neon Noodles will be fully released on PC and consoles in 2020!

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