NETGEAR organized an event called “NETGEAR FOR THE WIN” to showcase their new premier brand in networking and Wi-Fi products called Nighthawk. The Nighthawk brand is specifically developed and designed for gamers. These events were held throughout Europe in big cities like Milan and Stockholm. In the Netherlands, this event took place in the Esports Game Arena in Alphen aan de Rijn. This location is the only one of its kind in The Netherlands. At this location, gamers can gather and play together in various games on different platforms. Events take place here every day. These events differ from Fortnite tournaments to Mario Kart tournaments. You can play here at the cost of one drink for one hour of gaming time. Passes for a half or full day can be bought there but you can also subscribe for a membership there. The location provides some of the newest PCs so you can play all the games available on the optimal settings.


The day started with a reception with lunch provided by NETGEAR. After a quick introduction by the owner of the Esports Game Arena, Ward Geene got the first word to tell us about the history of Esports. Esports has been around for much longer than many people can imagine. The Cyberathlete Professional League or CPL is considered the pioneer in professional video game tournaments which were held worldwide. The CPL was founded in 1997, a time in which online gaming was not one of the biggest parts in the gaming industry.

Then, Ward Geene began to talk about the biggest Dutch talents in gaming and about how he was disappointed that they don’t get the amount of fame and attention as other champions in other competitions, while they do deserve this kind of attention. Dutch gamers and teams that became world champion in the games they played that the biggest part of the gaming community doesn’t even know about. He’d like to see a change in that.


After Ward Geene did his part of the presentation, the presentation went on to the main part of the event. Abhay Bhorkar, Director Product Management at NETGEAR began his presentation about the new Nighthawk Pro Gaming products. He began with the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Wi-Fi Router. This router features a customizable Gaming Dashboard where you can see the information a gamer needs all in one spot.

The router features a new custom operating system called DumaOS, a collaboration between NETGEAR and Netduma. With this you can tune your connection to your own wishes. This can be done in the gaming dashboard that can easily be accessed on your browser. This Dashboard can be customized to your own desires as everything can be pinned to the first page and resized the way you want. This shows you everything you think is important on one screen.


Another addition to this router is the QoS toolkit.  You can control the amount of bandwidth each device receives meaning that your most important devices never lack the bandwidth they need. It also has Anti-Bufferbloat. This prevents queuing from occurring on both download and upload directions. This allows multiple devices that intensively use the internet without causing lag on any of the devices connected to the network.

Traffic Prioritization makes sure that low-latency applications such as games are never caught in a network queue due to automatic detection driven by enterprise-level Deep Packet Inspection. With the Geo-Filter application on your gaming dashboard you can set the distance for your consoles to connect to servers. People that you are connected with are shown on a map. By clicking them you can easily check their connection and see how high their Ping is. When a player has a bad connection, you can block the connection with that player to avoid a laggy connection.


Next, Mr. Bhorkar presented their newest range of Tri-band Wi-Fi range extenders. The new models are the Nighthawk X4S AC2200 and the Nighthawk X6S AC3000. These devices enlarge your existing Wi-Fi connection and keep the same name. Unlike other range extenders, these models won’t cut your extended Wi-Fi bandwidth in half because both devices have a new technology called Fastlane3 built in. this technology delivers up to a 100% performance boost compared to typical extenders by creating a dedicated wireless link to your Wi-Fi .

These devices also feature smart roaming that will allow your devices to be automatically connected to the best signal available. The Tri-Band Wi-Fi will increase your available bandwidth to decrease delays on the network. They are also compatible with every Wi-Fi router available now.

X6S Netgear

Of the two new range extenders, the X4S is the smaller model and the first Tri-Band Wi-Fi Mesh Extender that can be plugged right into the wall. It offers combined speeds of up to 2.2Gbps. The X6S model is the somewhat bigger and more expanded one of the new range extenders. This model has a quad-core processor and offers combined speeds of up to 3Gbps and has advanced features like MU-MIMO and smart connect. These devices can be installed simply in your browser on a mobile device.

Last but not least, Mr. Bhorkar revealed their New SX10 Gaming Switch this device has a premium metal encasing that’s designed especially for gamers. All RGB LEDs on the device are customizable to your own desires to give it your own look. The switch offers 10 ethernet ports of which eight are advanced Gigabit Ethernet ports and two superior 10G/Multi-Gig Ethernet ports.

This switch also comes with a gaming dashboard like the XR500 Gaming router to customize your connection the way you want. Each port will be shown on this gaming dashboard to monitor and customize each connection. This product also has the QoS function in which you can give your gaming devices the priority they need. Auto-Diagnostics offers instant troubleshooting to get back into the game faster.


After the presentation there was the opportunity to play alongside influencers JoostSpeeltSpellen and GameMeneer in some matches of Fortnite that were streamed live. Afterwards there was time to talk and network with the NETGEAR staff and the other media representatives. A fun and educational day on a great location about awesome new products.


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