New 2021 updates coming to Smite

New 2021 updates coming to Smite

Hi-Rez Studios uncovered lots of the new upcoming content for 2021; including characters, enemies, major art updates and maps. Lots of the new content will already be available this weekend on the Smite Public Test Server.

The first characters to release in the game will also be introducing a completely new pantheon, this being the Babylonian. These upcoming gods will be Tiamat and Gilgamesh, the first of which will be able to swap between forms for different effects and the latter being a brutal frontline bruiser with evolving gameplay.

Along with these new gods, the conquest game mode will be receiving a brand new map in Season 8. This new map will be completely linked to Tiamat and her influence on the world, resulting in major art updates, a larger size and changes in pathing. A completely new jungle enemy known as the Scorpion will also come with the map, featuring a unique reward for those who defeat it. Throughout 2021, the conquest map will change and evolve, introducing new art and environmental and gameplay changes.

One of the biggest changes to Smite will be an overhaul to beginner items, which will be able to evolve into late game versions of themselves. Several other reworks will also be coming for the game’s champions, with Aries, Bastet and Loki being the first in early 2021, followed by a visual rework to Sobek and a retooling of Janus’ kit.

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