New earbuds from Sennheiser: Conversation Clear Plus

New earbuds from Sennheiser: Conversation Clear Plus

Who hasn’t experienced frustration when needing to call someone in a loud place? It comes up often at locations like a restaurant, a busy train station, or even maybe at a convention. Fortunately, Sennheiser has created the ideal solution for this problem: the Conversation Clear Plus earbuds. These earbuds have advanced speech improvement technology that emphasizes the conversation at hand. It works thanks to the sophisticated Sonova technology that utilizes the Sennheiser Automatic Scene Detection feature, this analysis the sound levels of the environment and adjusts the speech improvement to make you sound clearer.

The Automatic Scene Detection also comes with another great feature: not only will it work over the phone, but also when you are talking live to someone. In combination with Active Noise Cancellation will help drown out background noise and improve the quality of your conversation.

Another great feature of the Conversation Clear Plus is the ability to adjust the amount of background noise you want to hear. For the times you want to focus deeply on an important conversation or maybe you want to balance it out for your situational awareness, everything is possible.

As we are used to Sennheiser products, these earbuds will prove easy to set up and use. Thanks to its integrated ‘true wireless’ technology these earbuds will connect with every Bluetooth-compatible device. Another great feature is that they are highly comfortable to wear and the battery life will last you nine hours on a charge, with the charging bag granting you up to 27 hours of extra battery life.

If these earbuds have grabbed your attention, you’ll be happy to hear that you can already pre-order them now and these will be available at retail starting January 20th.

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