New Footage Reveals Loot River In Detail!


Publisher has revealed new footage of their upcoming island-shifting action-roguelike RPG game called Loot River. With the help of the footage, players can explore the world of Loot River and the majority of the game’s mechanics with its different playstyles depending on the wielded weapons. In a way, the game will remind players of 3 distinct games: Dark Souls with its dark charisma, Tetris with its block-shifting within the environment, and a small taste of Diablo as the game is played from a top-down view. 

Armed with a powerful Relic, players have the ability to move the grounds or stages beneath them at will, thus colliding them in different puzzle-like forms. From beast to lost travelers and bosses, players will encounter endless mobs in these forgotten catacombs. As in every RPG, weaponry and ability/skill upgrades are crucial for that constant DPS. Depending on your style of combat, upgrading skills that boost that certain weapon will mean certain devastation to your enemies. For more information on this recent reveal, do see the video posted above.

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