New HyperX Line-up Revealed

New HyperX Line-up Revealed

Exciting news today at the 2by2 press event. The guys over at HyperX announced they’ll be forming their own brand. Still a part of Kingston, HyperX will now be managed separately focusing mainly on the gaming market. Together with that change, HyperX will be bringing out a load of new products together with a revamp of most of their other products.

The biggest reveal has to be the HyperX Cloud, their first step into the peripheral market. It’s a headset focused on combining build quality, comfort and features aimed at gamers. Those features include a removable microphone to allow for use beyond your desk and memory foam on the ear pads. What a big leap for a brand that was mainly known for their memory in the past. After testing it, the headset sure feels and sounds great and hopefully we’ll be able to bring a review on it soon. Also later this year a Cloud Pro model is coming offering a 7.1 surround dongle and improved specs.

HyperX Cloud Headset

Besides the Cloud, HyperX revealed changes to its memory line-up as well. The Fury-line will remain the entry level, being followed by the Savage products formerly known as Genesis. Predator will be their high-end line and a special line for laptop memory, Impact. Besides RAM-memory, HyperX offers SSD’s and USB-sticks.. All existing RAM modules will undergo some changes, mainly to their design with the addition of some high-end kits with mind-dazzling speeds. Also the SSD’s look promising with the Predator line coming later this year. They will be PCI-e meaning data transfers will happen at extreme speeds! Of course the niche-market lines will remain as well such their RAM LoVo or H20 kits.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how HyperX is going to conquer their share in the PC-gaming market. Of course the gaming division from Kingston has been out their for quite some time now, making a name for itself. Now as brand, HyperX is sponsoring tons of eSport events and teams trying to get as much exposure as they can while supporting the gaming community. Let’s hope other brands will follow their lead and who knows what HyperX products we’ll see in the future..

DataTraveler HyperX Predator

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