Kioxia TransMemory U365 USB-stick – Hardware Review
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Kioxia TransMemory U365 USB-stick – Hardware Review

Good: Consistent fast speeds, Fair price
Bad: Plastic housing does feel a bit cheap
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It’s been nearly a year since we took a closer look at one of Kioxia’s USB flash drives, and we honestly didn’t expect to be reviewing a new USB stick any time soon. We often tend to forget that even USB sticks come in varying quality, and it can be rather important to choose the right one for your needs, rather than picking up a flash drive from the bargain bin. So without further ado, here’s our short review of Kioxia’s TransMemory U365 USB-stick. For our very short performance test, we were given the 256GB model.

The TransMemory U365 comes in a simple black plastic housing without too many bells and whistles. The brand name is clearly visible, as well as the actual storage limit (256 GB). Out of the 256GB around 232GB is usable for storage. The housing has a slider on the side that allows the USB connection to slide in and out. This ensures a bit better protection when the device is not in use, or if you want to take it with you somewhere. The slider felt fairly sturdy, even though the case itself does feel a bit lighter and less solid.

We quickly put the device to the test, and we reached reading speeds that varied between 188MBps and 220MBps. In terms of writing, the device fluctuated between 20MBps and 58MBps. We often saw an average of around 35MBps for most operations. All in all, this means this is a decent companion if you need to store a few bigger files thanks to its 232GB usable storage space.


For roughly 30 Euros (or regional equivalent) you’ll find a trustworthy companion in Kioxia’s TransMemory U365 USB-stick. The device is great for those who like to store a lot of pictures, or for gamers who love taking screenshots and short screen captures. The build quality is decent, and we never struggled to transfer our data at a rapid speed. If you’re looking for a USB stick with a decent storage capacity at a low price, we suggest checking this one out.

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Kioxia TransMemory U365 USB-stick – Hardware Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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