Kioxia TransMemory U366 USB Flash Drive – Hardware Review
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Kioxia TransMemory U366 USB Flash Drive – Hardware Review

Good: Slim design, Decent speeds
Bad: Could have used a protective cap, Sometimes hard to get a grip on the device
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It’s been a while since we last took a closer look at a good old-fashioned USB Flash Drive. These small devices are something we tend to use on a daily basis, and we see them for sale in every possible store at varying prices. Sometimes it might be interesting to just pick up a cheap model and not worry if it breaks down quickly or not. When using it for more sensitive files, or if you simply wish for it to last a lot longer, then it might be interesting checking out a few more expensive models. For this very short USB Flash Drive review, Kioxia sent us a TransMemory U366 USB Flash Drive to try out. While the device does not come with too many bells and whistles, we were quite pleased with the overall performance.

The sleek design of the U366 looks very classy and it also looks more like a premium USB Flash Drive rather than a cheap one you get from the sales bin. That being said, even though the overall design is quite cool, we encountered some issues when we had properly grip the device when it was inserted in a slightly tighter USB port. Most USB Flash Drives have a bit more mass or a slightly bigger frame, making them easier to pull out. The U366 is very slim and due to this, it was sometimes a bit harder to remove the drive from our PC or console.

Of course, the most important thing here is the U366’s performance. Most of the time, we reached consistent writing speeds of around 38 to 40MBps, which is quite good. We did see a few short dips when transferring items where our writing speed went down to 20MBps. In terms of reading speed, we reached roughly 200MBps, which is another good performance trait.


Overall, you’re getting a solid device here that does what it promises. In many ways, there truly is not that much to say when it comes to reviewing devices such as this, but even so, you’re getting a quality storage device here with the U366. If you have trouble gripping smaller sticks, then this one might cause a few inconveniences, if not, the U366 is certainly worth looking into.

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Kioxia TransMemory U366 USB Flash Drive - Hardware Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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