New LEGO movie 2-videogame released today

New LEGO movie 2-videogame released today

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and the LEGO Group have announced the launch of the new Lego-adventure: The LEGO Movie 2-videogame.

As the name of the game implies, this game is based on the newest LEGO movie that can be seen in theaters right now. The story begins in the abandoned wasteland of Apocalypse town, where alien intruders have left Stone City destroyed. Emmet, Lucy and their companions leave their own world to save their friends from the alien inhabitants of the Sister Galaxy.

This game is available for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One PlayStation 4 and PC as of today. A physical version of the Nintendo Switch-game will be made available on the 27th of March this year.

A launch trailer has been released for this game. Check it below for more on this new LEGO game.

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