New major content update released for Star Conflict

New major content update released for Star Conflict

StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment have announced today the release of the major content update 1.8 “Faction Wars” for Star Conflict. Large scale wars as well as new ship components and weapons are coming as new content. The new 17th rank Relic destroyer has also been added to the game with two more high level ships joining the battles very soon.

The upcoming Faction Wars will revolve around three sided battles between Jericho, the Empire and the Federation for control over the artifacts left by the failed alien invasion. This event will be divided into two stages, with players currently preparing by unlocking more items and completing event tasks. Players that complete all the tasks will get an option to assemble the new Relic destroyer, built with alien technology and equipped with a heavy G2 gauss gun.

Players who purchase a “Faction Wars Stage 1” battle pass will be able to get even more prizes and prepare better for the upcoming battles. Finally, the special New Year bundles “Cyber-Santa Dart” and “Cyber Santa Gargoyle” with premium parts and cosmetic items are now available, with the game world also being extensively decorated with Christmas trees and other New Year decorations.

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