New remote-first studio Gardens is hiring crew to develop games!

New remote-first studio Gardens is hiring crew to develop games!

Today, co-founders Chris Bell, Lexie Dostal and Stephen Bell, all known from their work on many big game titles in the past, have announced that they are starting up a new remote-first studio: Gardens. This studio is built on the idea of growing a studio that’s transparent, sustainable, inclusive and empowering. With a team of developers that previously worked on projects like Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank, Skyrim, the Fallout series, Ashen, and The Hobbit, they’ve made it their mission to create vibrant online games that foster meaningful multiplayer moments and relationships between players from all over the world.

The name of the studio is based on the worlds this team wants to create, with artfully-crafted, living environments to foster rich multiplayer interactions, while relying on care by their communities in order to thrive. Gardens is currently hiring for multiple positions, including an animator, 3D artists and engineers. A full list of open positions can be viewed here. Gardens offers a competitive pay, equitable salaries across departments based on experience, mentorship, stock options and much more.

Their upcoming -currently unnamed- game builds upon the special ways that members of the team have designed online experiences, over their years of work at other studios. The aim here is that players can cross paths in a mysterious and magical world, driven by the concept art of ma-ko, art direction by Leighton Milne and an art team led by Ryan Benno. You can find out more about the brand-new studio on their own official website.

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