New retro metroidvania “HAAK”, coming to Steam Early Access later this year

New retro metroidvania “HAAK”, coming to Steam Early Access later this year

Publisher Lightning Games in collaboration with developer Blingame have revealed that their post-apocalyptic retro Metroidvania HAAK is coming to Steam Early Access in Q3 2020. Set within the ruins of a decaying urban sprawl, the player has a multifunctional Energy Hook that allows swinging from grappling points, hacking enemy tech and warding off threats.

Controls are tight and responsive, offering snappy, tactical combat with an upgradeable arsenal to deal with the increasingly dangerous monstrosities that roam the grotto. As players explore this ruinous landscape they’ll encounter all manner of colorful characters, offering side quests and secrets.

HAAK’s Early Access release will contain the game’s first three chapters, including unique bosses, optional challenges and immersive storytelling sequences. The full game will contain all chapters, more upgrades and deeper gameplay options. This Early Access release will be used to gather feedback from the community, ensuring that when the full game launches in 2021 it will be in optimal condition. Those who buy HAAK in Early Access will receive it at a discounted price.

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