New update for: Detached

New update for: Detached

It’s Christmas season and Anshar Studios is turning into Santa as they have added a new update to Detached, their interstellar PvP adding a number of major and minor additions to offer a true full VR in-game experience. Detached is a first-person PvP, specifically designed for VR headsets. The game features both a single-player and multiplayer mode testing your space-exploring skills in VR, in a way unseen in this genre. Feel like a real astronaut! For all those who haven’t explored outer space in Detached yet, Anshar Studios has prepared a comprehensive tutorial covering all the game’s mechanics so even new players will have a comfortably trip through outer space.

Here’s what you can expect in the second update of Detached:

  • The final HUB on the first map
  • Full VR in-game and on the main menu
  • Tutorial level
  • New particle effects
  • New lighting and environmental effects on the first map

The update also contains bugfixes:

  • Player collisions tweak
  • Various minor bugfixes

Detached is currently on Steam Early Access and will be released on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in Q1 2017.
For more information about the game, visit the official website

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