New update Pripyat launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

New update Pripyat launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Global publisher and developer of Warface,, is pleased to announce the latest update “Pripyat” has launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This update includes a unique, narrative driven Special Operation that introduces new game mechanics and a mission which allows players to explore an infamous ghost time in the radiated atmosphere of the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl reactor. The update also includes new enemies, rewards and achievements, as well as a new weapon series called “Nuclear”.

Warface operatives will visit Pripyat, one of the most mysterious and historically significant places on Earth. There seems to be an increased seismic activity in this region and it’s up to you to investigate what’s happening. Are these activities related to the evil Blackwood organisation that have been seen around the city?

“Pripyat” introduces new mechanics to be aware of in combat. Now energy shields can be used by individual enemies and defensive installations. Get yourself ready for the latest creation of Blackwood’s robotics department called SED. Your new enemies will pose a serious threat to any squad so make sure you’re operating with precise teamwork!

Watch the trailer below.

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