New Wolhunter Dungeon DLC for Elder Scrolls Online

New Wolhunter Dungeon DLC for Elder Scrolls Online

Today, ZeniMax Online Studios has released their newest DLC, Wolfhunter, for Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 and Xbox One. This DLC has already been released on the 13th of August for PC and Mac.

Wolfhunter features two new dungeons and the Update 19 for the game. Wolfhunter challenges teams in the two new dungeons: March of Sacrifices and Moon Hunter Keep. These dungeons are available in three difficulties: Normal, Veteran and Hard.

The Wolfhunter DLC is free for ESO Plus members and available for purchase in the in-game Crown Store.

The free Update 19 adds some improvements and new features for everyone including a new Battlegrounds map, Alliance War adjustments, a new skill respec update and improvements to the Werewolf Skill line.

Check out the complete Update 19 notes and the new DLC Wolfhunter by clicking here. Below, you can see the reveal trailer during QuakeCon.

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