Newly-added officers in the Early Access game Assault Spy

Newly-added officers in the Early Access game Assault Spy

The action game Assault Spy that is currently in Early Access received an update today, and to celebrate the update we are taking a deeper look into the newly-added officers of the Negabot mega-corporation. Each of these well-dressed machines are in different parts of the company, usually at the end of an area, protecting the diamond, spade, heart and club machines from which you need authorization.

You might wonder why you would need authorization from these four machines if you are a self-proclaimed elite company spy under the name of Asaru Vito. It is because the security system restricts access to facilities based on clearance levels, so you’ll need authorization to be granted clearance but the Officers guardian the machines are tough nuts to crack.

  • Officer Diamond is a seasoned fighter, just like yourself, and brings fast brawler techniques to the battle in a perfect business etiquette.
  • Officer Heart is a mind reader whose wide range attacks can be deadly as they send out vertical and horizontal shockwaves.
  • Officer Space throws fast projectiles and has a charging thrust attack in an easy communication battle style.
  • Office Club has incredibly precise hands, making it a master in origami whilst firing shockwaves.

All four officers can be challenged as of today in Assault Spy Early Access on Steam, which is now available for a special price of $19.99 or its local equivalent. If you buy the Early Access version of the game, you’ll have access to the full game when it launces in the fall of 2018.

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